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JamData Service is a team of IT expertise that help people/company with their computer hardware and network problems, most of our clients are individuals; but we also support small to medium organizations. If you want any one/more of the following service.

-Installation of computer software, maintenance and firewall setup.
-Installation of laptop software and wireless internet setup & security configuration.
-Installation of laptop software and wireless internet setup & security configuration.
-Installation & Configuration Server Operating System. Win 2000 Server Edition, 2003/2005 Server, NT Server.
-Installation & configuration Linux bases server (Ubuntu 12.04, CentOS, Fedora, SuSe etc)
-Setting up Print-Server and Scanner [or 3 in one].
-Full Complete Assembling, Installing different OS (XP, 2000, 2003, 2005, Vista, Win7, Win8)
-Secured infrastructure design and development for a full network environment for a Cyber Cafe, College lap, or any Business plant.
-Data backup and recovery done PC Tune up, Health Check and Preventive Maintenance.
-Disaster recovery and hard disk failure, data recovery, virus damage
-Password Recovery, Data Transferring, Defragmentation, etc.
-Reinstallation of operating system and software.
-PC tune up, Health check and preventive maintenance done.
-Router/Modem maintenance, setup, configuration.

If yes then don't worry just contact us we will be able to give you free quote and we guarantee you won't get disappointed!
we offer laptop and desktop computer repair by Highly Qualified computer experts right at your doorstep with competitive prices if you experiencing any of above or any other computer problems then contact

Our services
->Full Computer (Server or Desktop) Repair
->Laptop Repair and Speed up
->Normal/Complex Data Recovery
->Computer Health Check or Tune up
->Virus Removal (with FREE or charged)
->Complete Network Solution architecture design/development
->Software and Windows Upgrades
->Updated Hardware Insallation
->CompletePC Security
->Laptop (Light Inverter or) Screen Replacment